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There really is an abundance of great artists all over the world and the list could easily go into the hundreds.
But I thought it would be a great idea to update a list of 5 or so artists, whether it be designers, illustrators, painters or tattoo artists that really grab my attention every week.

So without further adue…here are 5 talented folks who I think deserve your attention this week:

Ghoulish Gary – If you’ve ever seen a copy of Rue-Morgue Magazine then you have seen Gary’s work. I am willing to say he is the modern day master of horror art, design and illustration. Follow him on twitter @GhoulishGary.

Justin Erickson – Another Rue-Morgue artisan and right up there with Ghoulish Gary, Justin’s work is just as awe inspiring. Follow him on twitter @jericksonartist.

Etienne Harris – If you’re looking vintage inspired, hot roddin, rockabilly style illustration and design then Etienne is the man to see.

Wesley Van Eeden – Whether you agree with me or not, it is not easy to create a design or illustration that has a unique South African feel, and still make it look “cool”, modern and hip. Well, Wesley has definitely done  it and has a unique style that fits his homeland perfectly.

Jason Adams – Apart from being one hell of a skater, Jason Adams has been putting out his own original brand of stencil art for a long time and does some great portraitures of iconic musicians and skaters. Follow him on twitter @kidadams.

Hope you get some inspiration and enjoyment from these 5 artists. Keep posted for more.

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