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Since having moved to Toronto I have been very fortunate to have met some amazing people, and one of those just happens to be a young lady called Nancy who commissioned me to do a little outdoor sign for her two new homes in Kitchener and the US.
Here is one of them:

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As you can see from the date, I finished this poster a while back for Eddie Clendening and Dominion On Queen, but forgot to post it up on the site.

So here it is…

Poster art, heavy grease, eddie clendening, dominion on queen, graphic design, rockabilly, toronto, gretsch, canada, typography


The great folks at Blame Betty in Calgary asked me to redesign their brand identity with some new logos to be used on the online marketing, and store windows etc.
They wanted to keep the font they had already been using but needed a new, fresh “pazzaz” on the original design.
I had a blast doing it and if you’re ever in Calgary make sure you pop in to their store and get yourself some fine threads.

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The Millwinders are a great band from Toronto who are about to release their brand new album “Ladies And Gentlemen” and, are getting ready to play at this year’s Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend which is America’s biggest and most popular rockabilly festival.

With the band having to leave in a couple of days for the festival they asked me to get a quick page up for their new website and as soon as they return and recover from their hangovers we’ll start digging in to working on a full website for them.
So for now, head on over to and order yourself their new CD and keep posted for a full website in the next month or so.

The Millwinders, millwinders, james henry, sarah, rockabilly, website design, website, ladies and gentlemen, breath of fresh air design, bofa design, toronto, ontario, canada, viva las vegas rockabilly weekend, las vegas, andrew wright, reverend, graphic design, jazz,



It is funny how the world works and as blase as the saying goes…it really is a small world.
While searching online about 6 months ago I came across an Ontario rockabilly band called The Greasemarks and they really grabbed my attention with their unique style of rockabilly. I thought nothing of it and was looking forward to seeing them live once I moved to Toronto.

Not long after I moved to Toronto I got an email from the guitarist Mark asking if I could design their new logo and t-shirt graphic. They had a specific style and subject matter and after my first attempt, with a few minor changes, they were really happy with the final outcome. It was an absolute pleasure to do the job.
The Greasemarks will be releasing their new album in the next couple of weeks and their brand new tees are already available for sale. Check out the band’s website HERE and their Facebook page HERE.


It has been a while since I’ve had chance to photograph anything and a couple of weeks back I was lucky enough to have attended a barbershop’s one year anniversary party with a great atmosphere, hot rods, bands and free booze.
I was able to grab some great shots of the day which have been published on the Toronto Rockabilly website ( and will be published in a Canadian publication in the next couple of months.

So I thought I’d share some of the photos:


Although I tend to try and leave any “personal” work out of the Breath Of Fresh Air blog, it is rather hard to keep it out when that is some of the work I am the most proudest of.

I have spent most of my life playing in rock-n-roll bands and the last project I started about two or so years ago was a three-piece rockabilly outfit called The Mystery Train Gamblers.

We had two great photographer friends that would come along to almost every show and shoot the band live on and off stage. Having moved to California I’ve had to put the band on hold and thought it would be great to put a hard covered coffee style book together. A limited few were produced and I could not be happier with the outcome. I rather do enjoy doing layouts such as these and will hopefully be putting a few more coffee style books together for future clients.

You can view the entire coffee book HERE.

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