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Although I tend to try and leave any “personal” work out of the Breath Of Fresh Air blog, it is rather hard to keep it out when that is some of the work I am the most proudest of.

I have spent most of my life playing in rock-n-roll bands and the last project I started about two or so years ago was a three-piece rockabilly outfit called The Mystery Train Gamblers.

We had two great photographer friends that would come along to almost every show and shoot the band live on and off stage. Having moved to California I’ve had to put the band on hold and thought it would be great to put a hard covered coffee style book together. A limited few were produced and I could not be happier with the outcome. I rather do enjoy doing layouts such as these and will hopefully be putting a few more coffee style books together for future clients.

You can view the entire coffee book HERE.


My new Breath Of Fresh Air business cards arrived in the post the other day and I am more than happy with them.

What’s great about these cards is that it acts as a mini portfolio for me which I can use to quickly show a prospective client a mini version of what I have done, or at the very least it allows me to fan out the cards and allow the individual to decide which card they want to take home with them.This is a great marketing tool and I have found that a lot of repeat clients sometimes ask for different cards every time I see them.

The company that make these cards is called MOO and you can order your very own set of these cards, along with a few other great marketing ideas, for your business at

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