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Check out this great interview with the one and only, horror artist icon, Ghoulish Gary Pullin:

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News about the release of the illustrative zombie book “The Zombook” is slowly starting to hit the internet and news sites.
I was fortunate enough to be asked by the curator, Allan Graves, to submit an illustration along side some of the world’s top horror artists such as Dan Mumford, Ghoulish Gary, The Pizz, Eric Pigors and many more.
The book will be released on September 24.

Check out the article at Dread Central and pre-order your copy now.

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There really is an abundance of great artists all over the world and the list could easily go into the hundreds.
But I thought it would be a great idea to update a list of 5 or so artists, whether it be designers, illustrators, painters or tattoo artists that really grab my attention every week.

So without further adue…here are 5 talented folks who I think deserve your attention this week:

Ghoulish Gary – If you’ve ever seen a copy of Rue-Morgue Magazine then you have seen Gary’s work. I am willing to say he is the modern day master of horror art, design and illustration. Follow him on twitter @GhoulishGary.

Justin Erickson – Another Rue-Morgue artisan and right up there with Ghoulish Gary, Justin’s work is just as awe inspiring. Follow him on twitter @jericksonartist.

Etienne Harris – If you’re looking vintage inspired, hot roddin, rockabilly style illustration and design then Etienne is the man to see.

Wesley Van Eeden – Whether you agree with me or not, it is not easy to create a design or illustration that has a unique South African feel, and still make it look “cool”, modern and hip. Well, Wesley has definitely done  it and has a unique style that fits his homeland perfectly.

Jason Adams – Apart from being one hell of a skater, Jason Adams has been putting out his own original brand of stencil art for a long time and does some great portraitures of iconic musicians and skaters. Follow him on twitter @kidadams.

Hope you get some inspiration and enjoyment from these 5 artists. Keep posted for more.

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