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The great folks at Blame Betty in Calgary asked me to redesign their brand identity with some new logos to be used on the online marketing, and store windows etc.
They wanted to keep the font they had already been using but needed a new, fresh “pazzaz” on the original design.
I had a blast doing it and if you’re ever in Calgary make sure you pop in to their store and get yourself some fine threads.

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I have been a fan of Brixton and their classic, work-wear style of headwear and clothing for quite some time now and have followed their progression for a good couple of years.

They are not a massive brand with loads of product, but instead focus on fewer quality products, which I think is already one reason why they do so well and maintain their fanbase.

The second reason is the pure brilliant designs and branding they release. They have a unique and honest way of branding their products and design and this can be seen in the two examples below with the “Brixton & Fender” and the “Spitfire & Brixton” collaboration.

But my main point of this post is to show what a great job their design and marketing team do when they do release something new. Instead of just advertising the new product with an image, name and description, they put a short video clip together that really pulls you in and makes you want to have that item and be a part of that lifestyle. People are not only buying clothes or product cause they like the look of it (though it is a large percentage of it), but it is because they are buying into the lifestyle of the brand. Both these short videos below portray a lifestyle that most 9 to 5’ers dream of having, out on the road, skating, playing music , or whatever your passion is. The point is, these videos pull on your “heart-strings” which in turn get you closer to purchasing that product.

So next time you plan to launch a new product, or service, website or design, think about tying it in with a small video clip that portrays a desired lifestyle and one that will pull on those “heart-strings”.

Check out their website at

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