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A couple of months back I was approached by Social Laundry looking for an illustration for their next t-shirt.
I was more than happy to get involved as one, they pretty much let the artists do their own thing, and two, $2 of every t-shirt sale goes to a charity. I don’t think any more reasons were needed.

The end result was my “Evil’s Poison” design and I love what they have mentioned next to the shirt on their store page: “We love this agressive, hand drawn piece from our friend Andrew, who lives North of the border in Toronto. We’ve looked at it and looked at it and tried to interpret its meaning. We have some ideas but thought we would leave it up to you. Give us your ideas by commenting below.
Although there’s not really much of a meaning behind the design, there is a story behind it. But I think that’s the great thing about art…it’s up to the beholder to decide what they see and think of it.

Now support a good cause and purchase your very own “Evil’s Poison” t-shirt right HERE.

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