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Hard to believe it’s been close to 5 years since was designed. Keeping busy with other people’s projects does not leave me with much time to work on my own stuff.
So I’ve given the site and blog a slight revamp and finally have the online store up and running. More products to be added in the next couple of weeks.
For now, let me know what you think?

Thanks again to everyone who has visited the site, got some work from me or had a positive word to say regarding my work. It’s all very appreciated!




A little late to post this, but here’s the poster I illustrated and designed for Rue Morgue’s annual Halloween Party!



A little illustration and layout I did for Rue Morgue’s “50 Essential Horror Albums” feature which featured in the Halloween issue #160.

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Texas, cow-punk legends Ghoultown asked me to revamp their cow skull logo as they’ll be hitting some dive bars and satanic barns real soon. Had a lot of fun with their weird eyed skull.

Ghoultown, punk, illustration, tshirt, skull, cow skull, texas, rock-n-roll, band, lyle blackburn, rope


Got to do a rad illustrative poster for Freedom Machine Custom Motorcycle Show that’s taking place this Saturday the 11th of July. Really happy with the way it came out.
You can purchase the 24″x18″ art print at

Freedom Machine, poster, illustration, toronto, graphic design, poster art, motorcycles, bobber, chopper, Durham, skull, kustom art,


New logo/tshirt design for California-based haunted house Deathworkz.
Check out the final colour version on their site at
Deathwokz, haunted house, horror, skull, halloween, toronto, design, tshirt, illustration, breath of fresh air design, chainsaw, blood, death, moon


This was a small OPEN / CLOSED sign I did over a year ago that I never completed. So though it was time to add the final red shadow and put it up on the site.

Open Closed, out riding, motorcycle, toronto, pinstriping, one shot, sign, triumph, yamaha, speed




Here’s an unofficial poster I illustrated for the NBC TV series “Hannibal”.

Hannibal, poster, illustration, toronto, horns


I can’t really think that anyone likes “junk mail”. Every time I open up my post box I have to go through a hand full of junk letters and fliers just to try find my post. And unless the letter has my actual name on it, it will go straight in to the trash can.

But I will give credit where credit is due and one piece of junk mail did actually catch my attention. It was addressed to “The Resident”…now that should mean a definite “trash can” moment, but the next line caught my eye – “Refrigerate Immediately”. Now I knew this was junk but I was really keen to see what was inside that needed to be refrigerated. And considering my post had been in the post box for over a week I was sure whatever it was would be “off”, haha.

And to no surprise, it was some advertising for Christopher Bibby’s real estate business with a calendar fridge magnet with his face, calendar and contact details. Now I would still not put this on my fridge, but, it made me chuckle, and although it might not deserve the “Marketing Of The Year” award, the line “Refrigerate Immediately” made me open up the envelope. And in today’s over populated junk mail post box, it’s hard to get the attention of a prospective client.

If you and your business wants to stand out, or even just get noticed, you have to market and brand in a unique way.

Breath Of Fresh Air Design, marketing, junk mail, christopher bibby,

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