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I’m happy to announce that the Breath Of Fresh Air Design website has had a make-over with a lot of changes, a new look and a new direction…the true direction.
There’s a whole lot of new work and projects that have yet to see the light of day now posted up along with some great hot roddin kustom work and tattoo flash paintings for your eyes to feast on.

I have also opened up an online store where you can now buy several of my prints and original kustom artwork and I will be adding more items as they become available. Check out the store HERE.

So let me know what you think of the new look-and-feel and click the “Sign Me Up” button to the left here to stay up to date with any new posts.
More exciting things to come…

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Just finished this show poster for the Dominion On Queen venue on the east side of Toronto.
There’s nothing better than having a client on the phone as you email the poster to him and have him scream down the phone with excitement. Great client, great project!

Make sure you check out out Bradley Boy Mac Arthur as he definitely has a great sound and entertaining show.

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The Millwinders are a great band from Toronto who are about to release their brand new album “Ladies And Gentlemen” and, are getting ready to play at this year’s Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend which is America’s biggest and most popular rockabilly festival.

With the band having to leave in a couple of days for the festival they asked me to get a quick page up for their new website and as soon as they return and recover from their hangovers we’ll start digging in to working on a full website for them.
So for now, head on over to and order yourself their new CD and keep posted for a full website in the next month or so.

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There’s something about the look and feel of a letter-pressed poster that stands out over a digitally printed one.
And I’m sure the fact that you can add a little whisky to the ink helps too.
Here’s to the end of another week and a couple of whiskys at the bar tonight!


I am definitely a huge magazine nerd and any chance I can get, I will spend my hard earned money on hot rod, pinstriping, music and skateboarding magazines. Magazines are, without a doubt, becoming more expensive. But the main problem is that actual, physically printed magazines are slowly going the the way of the dinosaurs and becoming extinct.

King Shit Magazine

Now since moving to Toronto, I’ve known of a magazine called “King Shit“…yes, you read right “King Shit“, and it is a locally produced skateboard magazine based just a couple of blocks down from where I live. I finally found a copy of the mag at a great skate shop called Sanction.
The reason I’m mentioning this magazine is because I think all magazines should be run like this…the magazine is FREE. Everyone likes free stuff and everyone likes to give away stuff. So the stores are looking good by giving away these mags and more people are picking up the mag and reading it, which in turn gives the advertisers a broader marketing base.

I’m not going to argue with anyone that picking up your iPad or laptop and downloading the magazine for free, or next to nothing is a bad idea. But for me there’s nothing better than having that magazine in my hands and being able to store it on the book shelf to read over and over again. “King Shit” is such a mag…the quality of the paper and print is amazing (better than some other skate mags I’ve read), the photography and design is brilliant and a great source of design inspiration and the articles are well written. I’ve read a lot of people complaining about the quality of the interviews and writing but you know what…when you have people offering you a free skate mag with great photos, ads and info, I really don’t think you should be complaining.

King Shit Magazine


I have been a fan of Brixton and their classic, work-wear style of headwear and clothing for quite some time now and have followed their progression for a good couple of years.

They are not a massive brand with loads of product, but instead focus on fewer quality products, which I think is already one reason why they do so well and maintain their fanbase.

The second reason is the pure brilliant designs and branding they release. They have a unique and honest way of branding their products and design and this can be seen in the two examples below with the “Brixton & Fender” and the “Spitfire & Brixton” collaboration.

But my main point of this post is to show what a great job their design and marketing team do when they do release something new. Instead of just advertising the new product with an image, name and description, they put a short video clip together that really pulls you in and makes you want to have that item and be a part of that lifestyle. People are not only buying clothes or product cause they like the look of it (though it is a large percentage of it), but it is because they are buying into the lifestyle of the brand. Both these short videos below portray a lifestyle that most 9 to 5’ers dream of having, out on the road, skating, playing music , or whatever your passion is. The point is, these videos pull on your “heart-strings” which in turn get you closer to purchasing that product.

So next time you plan to launch a new product, or service, website or design, think about tying it in with a small video clip that portrays a desired lifestyle and one that will pull on those “heart-strings”.

Check out their website at

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