This past December I was house sitting for a great photographer friend of mine, Nick Hanekom (Check out his website HERE) and reading through some of his photography and snowboard magazines he had under the coffee table, when I came across an old (2006) issue of a South African magazine called BLUNT.

Blunt magazine, andrew wright, reverend, kfd, fokoffpolisiekar, illustration, design
The last time I probably set eyes on this issue was most likely around when it came out in 2006. What makes this issue so great for me is that I was commissioned to do the illustration and design of the front cover.

blunt magazine, andrew wright, kfd, murdercall records, silent scream, bofa, breath of fresh air
What I had forgotten though, while paging through the issue, was the interview and feature done with me and my illustration and design. It’s funny to read something I answered so long ago and seeing where my head was back then.

It’s not very often I get to “blow my own horn”, and it’s always great to look back in the past every now and then to see where you’ve come from and hopefully, where you’re heading.

blunt magazine, andrew wright, kfd, murdercall records, silent scream, bofa, breath of fresh air, the slashdogs, diesel whores

About bofadesign

I'm Andrew Wright, graphic designer, illustrator and kustom-hot-rod-lowbrow art fanatic. Living in Toronto and armed with a pen, pencil, paintbrush and wacom pen, I create great looking and most importantly, functional designs and illustrations that help my clients promote their business, product and events. With a degree in Graphic Design and over 10 years experience in South Africa, UK, USA and Canada my skills range from digital to traditional illustration, print design (branding, catalogs, posters, marketing) and apparel. I'm a fan of the lowbrow hot rod (K)ultra, horror industry and anything that makes your heart beat twice the speed. I'd love to hear from you and discuss turning your next project into your next success.

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