I can’t really think that anyone likes “junk mail”. Every time I open up my post box I have to go through a hand full of junk letters and fliers just to try find my post. And unless the letter has my actual name on it, it will go straight in to the trash can.

But I will give credit where credit is due and one piece of junk mail did actually catch my attention. It was addressed to “The Resident”…now that should mean a definite “trash can” moment, but the next line caught my eye – “Refrigerate Immediately”. Now I knew this was junk but I was really keen to see what was inside that needed to be refrigerated. And considering my post had been in the post box for over a week I was sure whatever it was would be “off”, haha.

And to no surprise, it was some advertising for Christopher Bibby’s real estate business with a calendar fridge magnet with his face, calendar and contact details. Now I would still not put this on my fridge, but, it made me chuckle, and although it might not deserve the “Marketing Of The Year” award, the line “Refrigerate Immediately” made me open up the envelope. And in today’s over populated junk mail post box, it’s hard to get the attention of a prospective client.

If you and your business wants to stand out, or even just get noticed, you have to market and brand in a unique way.

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About bofadesign

I'm Andrew Wright, graphic designer, illustrator and kustom-hot-rod-lowbrow art fanatic. Living in Toronto and armed with a pen, pencil, paintbrush and wacom pen, I create great looking and most importantly, functional designs and illustrations that help my clients promote their business, product and events. With a degree in Graphic Design and over 10 years experience in South Africa, UK, USA and Canada my skills range from digital to traditional illustration, print design (branding, catalogs, posters, marketing) and apparel. I'm a fan of the lowbrow hot rod (K)ultra, horror industry and anything that makes your heart beat twice the speed. I'd love to hear from you and discuss turning your next project into your next success.

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